Structure + Space

Nick Turpin has always loved Architecture, Design and the Public Realm, for 30 years his photography has explored life in public places and told the story of city life. An internationally renowned Street Photographer, his book On The Night Bus looked at the journeys of workers returning to the suburbs from their jobs in the city, his series AUTOS revealed the commercialisation of public spaces by advertising and his recent series Exodus recorded the changing nature of London’s financial district as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Nick is a hugely experienced photographer having been a Photojournalist with The Independent Newspaper in London in the 90’s and working as an Advertising Photographer internationally since then. He has photographed the public realm for clients such as Transport for London, The City of London and Arts initiatives like Sculpture in the City.

Good photography is a blend of technical excellence, creativity and storytelling, photography can tell the story of a new building, its conception, its design, its construction and its final contribution and place in the world.

Pic: Ben Catchpole